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Etilux real-time labelling systems allow the automation of the labelling of your products, parcels or pallets, by applying pre-printed labels on your products, scrolling, whatever their shape or size, printing/applying your labels in real time, labelling your products on the side, front, back, top, bottom, or on the corner. Our automatic label application systems work by licking, or blowing when the product passes through the line and buffering by cylinder (on stopped product). Our efficient and robust dispensing systems will allow you to reconcile high speed and accuracy of application. 

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Labelmate MC-10 Label Printer Rewinder - Black -Label width up to 125mm
Item No. 20700041 On reorder, max 23 days
€ 365,50
€ 522,75
Labelmate LD-100-U Label Dispenser - Grey - For clear and black labels
Item No. 20700140 On reorder, max 16 days
€ 739,50
€ 446,00
€ 295,00
€ 30,00
€ 3.377,00
Epson C32C815471 Rewinder for Colorworks C75OOG -For industrial colour labels
Item No. 20712027 On reorder, max 29 days
€ 655,00
€ 18,40
5 Pièce(s)
€ 20,40
€ 15,60
EtiSend M80 Manual dispenser of self-adhesive labels - Red
Item No. 21700500 On reorder, max 4 days
€ 71,30
€ 75,90
€ 150,00
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