Professional printer: make the best choice for your business

The professional printer is your everyday partner in your business. Regardless of the size of your company, the nature of your business or your goals, you have a whole series of decisions to make in order to determine which professional printer is right for you from the myriad of models available to you.

Which print media

One of the first questions to ask yourself is about the media. What do you want to print? Etilux offers a wide range of label printers, receipt printers, multi-media printers, etc ...

We also offer card printers, PVC and cardboard printers.

Fixed printer or mobile printer

Depending on your sector of activity and your profession within it, your needs in terms of printing will vary. Are you a warehouse worker, a department manager in a supermarket, a grocery store manager or do you have an activity that requires a lot of mobility and labeling of products? You should prefer mobile printers, whose ergonomics allow them to be easily transported and used very simply for manual labeling work.

Do you work in a fixed position, in a chain, or in an office, at a counter or a counter? Stationary printers are made for you. From the industrial printer with a very high output to the small office printer, we offer you a vast choice of professional fixed printers according to your objectives, for all sizes, all outputs and all printing qualities.

Black and white or color

You need to print color labels, or image documents of blueprints or featuring your company logo. So take a look at our inkjet printers. These printers work with liquid ink cartridges. They allow for professional quality prints.

If you need to print receipts, barcodes or item numbers, we recommend the inkjet printers. In this case we recommend the "direct thermal printers", which by a process involving heat and chemical treatment of the paper allows to obtain black prints.

Quality and/or quantity of printing

Regarding color prints, inkjet printers are the obvious choice because they allow the highest resolution. Laser printers are also capable of printing in color, so it's up to you.

For black and white, laser printers are perfect for your text documents. For barcode printing, item numbers and other number sequences, thermal transfer or direct thermal printers with top coated papers will be your first choice. The varnished paper of the direct thermal printers allows indeed a greater durability, it is the same for the thermotransfer printing.

You have a lot of printing to do, so you need a high capacity and high output printer. Laser printers fit very well in this objective since they have a larger sheet drawer, their printing speed is higher and their toner last longer than liquid ink cartridges. A good solution for your color and/or text printing.

For your barcodes, or sequences of numbers intended to be printed in large numbers and not to last in time, the direct thermal printers with eco paper will be your solution. This paper is indeed inexpensive, which makes it the ideal solution for labeling your consumable goods in large numbers.

The print format

The usual format of printers is A4. However, some models are capable of printing in A3 format. Thus, it is possible for you to print posters of drawings, brochures, plans, etc. Also, if you choose an A3 printer, be sure to choose a model that has several paper drawers, so you can also print A4. Also be careful because A4 printers take up much more space. You will therefore need to ensure that you have enough space.

Connection and network options

Nowadays, companies are all equipped with a connected computer system. Your printer therefore needs to be part of this network in order to facilitate their operation. To do this, wired Ethernet printers are a common and effective solution.

Wifi printers are also very present and have the advantage of working wirelessly and being able to be activated from any computer, provided you have an internet connection (which is almost always the case).

Save money

As mentioned several times, laser printers save money on toner, as opposed to ink.

Direct thermal printers don't require ink to operate, and if you opt for eco paper, you'll have a low cost solution on your hands.

On the other hand, mobile reiner inkjet printers will save you money on media since they can print on almost any surface.

If you want to print labels, we recommend the linerless printer, a special type of printer that prints on rolls of labels that are not pre-cut and have no backing tape. The linerless printer not only allows you to choose the size of your labels but also to print up to 40% more labels than with a standard label roll of equivalent size.

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