Hearing protection

Exposure to loud noises (above 85 dB) can permanently damage the hair cells in the inner ear and accelerate the aging process. The louder the sound, the greater the damage, even in a short exposure.    
Prolonged exposure to noises that are not especially loud can also cause irreparable damage. It is not only the decibels that can be harmful to our inner ear, but also the frequency of the sound. As soon as we are exposed to prolonged loud noises or high-pitched noises, we risk the integrity of our hearing system.   
The first symptoms of a hearing problem can be tinnitus, pressure in the ears, dizziness and hearing loss. This is why it is important to choose good hearing protection if you work in a noisy environment, even if the noise seems bearable.   
To this end, Etilux offers a wide range of disposable and reusable earplugs, as well as ear muffs for both occasional and long-term use. Ideal if you work on construction sites or in noisy industrial environments. Choose from our range of hearing protection that is most appropriate for your use.   
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