Identification is at the core of Etilux's business. Regardless of your sector of activity, the pace of your business and the complexity of your needs, you can always be sure to have innovative and advanced identification solutions.   To control, transmit and print all types of data, in a flexible, simple and efficient way. We offer a global traceability solution. We advise you in the choice of your printer and label applicators and dispensers.  

According to the support to be identified and the information to be communicated, we will opt for a solution of printing, coding or RFID writing of a label via thermal printers or a print-and-apply system on a production line. Etilux advises, develops and implements data acquisition solutions integrated to your computer system. The flow of information captured by a portable terminal, a tablet, or RFID antenna is integrated into your ERP. 

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Labelmate MC-10 Label Printer Rewinder - Black -Label width up to 125mm
Item No. 20700041 On reorder, max 23 days
€ 365,50
Toshiba Thermal head for B-SX5 printer - 300dpi
Item No. 20700125 On reorder, max 4 days
€ 1.250,00
Toshiba Print head for B-SX4 printer -200 dpi
Item No. 20700126 1 in stock
€ 565,00
€ 501,50
€ 51,00
Labelmate LD-100-U Label Dispenser - Grey - For clear and black labels
Item No. 20700140 On reorder, max 16 days
€ 739,50
Toshiba B-FV4D Desktop thermal label printer - usb - lan - 200 dpi
Item No. 20700146 On reorder, max 23 days
€ 515,00
€ 278,00
Toshiba B-852 Printer Head -300dpi
Item No. 20700149 On reorder, max 6 days
€ 542,40
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