Audiovisual installations



Thanks to the experience and professionalism of our team, we can manage the design and implementation of a comprehensive audiovisual solution that meets your needs, after first analysing your specific needs.

Our audiovisual-integration solutions offer solutions for collaborating, disseminating information and managing spaces and equipment for meeting rooms, auditoriums, hemicycles, multi-purpose spaces, reception halls, hospitality establishments and shopping centres. Ease of use and ergonomics have an important role in the completion of our projects.


We coordinate every aspect of the installation process, from on-site preparations to commissioning. We regularly collaborate with different professions, in order to optimise the quality of the installation. Our work is only complete when you are completely satisfied with the result.

This is an overview of the diversity of the installations we can offer you:

Video-conferencing solutions

Are you looking for a way to communicate with various customers and employees remotely? Thanks to new technologies, give your company effective solutions to equip a room for video conferencing and facilitate employees who are working remotely. Etilux offers audio and video systems, as well as software solutions for video conferencing.

Room installations

Thanks to its experience, Etilux is a major player in audiovisual equipment for rooms of all sizes and for any use in Wallonia. Etilux uses the latest technological innovations and adapts them to your needs.


Etilux helps you to enhance the first impression that visitors will have of your company, through solutions that are affordable, easy to use and adapted to your needs: screens, dynamic displays and queue managers.
- Meeting rooms/Huddle rooms
Display or project content from any type of source, thanks to our professional equipment: screens, projection systems and soundproofing.


Welcome your customers in a top-end setting with high-quality audiovisual equipment. We strive to make the management as pleasant as possible: screens integrated in false ceilings, ordering interfaces and presentation systems.

Auditoriums and large spaces

Etilux allows you to share audiovisual information from any type of source: simple or multiple projection, modular spaces, dual room management and evacuation systems. We guarantee unrivalled comfort for viewing and listening.

Interactive boards and screens

Interactive boards are the digital evolution of traditional whiteboards or flip charts and add a new dimension to collaboration within companies. Ergonomic and easy to use, they are essential new tools for stimulating creativity and interaction when sharing information.

Dynamic display

Revitalise your communication with dynamic display or digital signage. Combine and remotely modify video content, images, texts, sounds and streaming content to capture the attention of your customers, inform your employees or guide your visitors. Our technical team is standing by to establish your dynamic visual-communication project.


Our experience in soundproofing professional spaces, combined with the ranges of professional products that we have access to, allows us to overcome the challenge of high-fidelity soundproofing, regardless of the space and acoustic constraints. Increase your chances of success for your project: shops, shopping centres, restaurants, hotels, etc. Trust us with your acoustic-design project.

Video walls

View things on a large scale for your visual communication with image walls. These are more than just decorative elements; they allow you to convey your message simply and effectively. They are ideal for replacing traditional display panels, with many big brands using these devices to rejuvenate their outlets and windows.


Our added value also lies in the after-sales follow-up for your installations and your hardware. The equipment installed is covered by the manufacturer’s warranty and by our installation warranty. Our 'OMNIUM' maintenance contracts protect you from any unwanted surprises for 36 or 60 months.


We offer our technical and after-sales service. Etilux sells major brands that have been carefully selected by our experts. Our technical team helps you to select products and to integrate them into your current installation. The team configures the previously installed devices, reprograms the installation and updates the wiring to improve the options available.

We have our own service for on-site interventions for your maintenance and repairs, in order to facilitate the rapid resolution of issues. Our technical team receives continuous training by our manufacturers on the hardware supplied.
In order to anticipate most faults and ensure the optimal functioning of your hardware, we can offer preventive-maintenance contracts.