How to choose your Clickshare?

There are a multitude of solutions for your wireless presentations today. But most of them have supports that require drivers depending on your hardware... so which one to choose ? Etilux proposes you to discover a presentation tool which works on all your platforms (Apple/PC/Linux): the Barco ClickShare. It is a universal, wireless, ultra-simple and user-friendly presentation and conference system. Discover the tool that will make all your meetings more dynamic! 

Projecting made easy: one click makes you more productive

ClickShare wireless presentation solutions are suitable for any meeting or conference room. Each participant has the freedom to choose his or her own sharing mode, either with the button or the desktop application. With this tool, each of your collaborations becomes fluid and instantaneous, with a host of features for the best possible interactive experience.

Wireless Presentation: C & CS Series

The Barco C5/C10 wireless presentation system allows you to share presentations simply and directly without having to deal with cables and other adapters. In addition, you'll provide better interactive wireless collaboration that makes it easier to share knowledge and skills. Add ClickShare to your fixed meeting room setup to improve productivity and collaboration in your meetings. Beyond conferencing, this tool makes every presentation professional and simple.

Wireless conferencing systems: CX Series

Give your business everything it needs to enjoy better hybrid (face-to-face and remote) meetings and an immersive conferencing experience. With ClickShare's wireless conferencing technology, your face-to-face teams can communicate with any remote meeting participants at the click of a button. Make teamwork intuitive and simple.  This range of Barco ClickShare conferencing solutions has been designed to integrate wirelessly with your existing video conferencing system and a wide range of USB audio-visual devices, such as microphones, sound bars and cameras.

The ideal solution for your wireless presentations: ClickShare!

ClickShare makes it easy and efficient to use in any size meeting room where you need to make presentations or video conference from someone else's computer. 94% of ClickShare users find it easy and intuitive to use. Don't wait any longer!

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