How to choose your thermal transfer ribbons  

Whatever your needs in thermal transfer printing, Etilux offers solutions adapted to your requirementsHere are some elements to understand the technicalities of thermal transfer printing and find what will suit your activity. 

For an optimal printing result, the printer, the label and the thermal transfer ribbon must be adapted. 

In order to choose the right ribbonyou need to consider : 
  • the use of the label (indoor or outdoor, normal or demanding conditions, dry or humid environmentexposure to light or darkness, contact with food...) ;  
  • the printing support (paper, polyester, polypropylene, textile...) ; 
  • the type of printer (near edge/flat head); 
  • the printing speed.

Thermal transfer ribbons are divided into 3 main categories: 

Standard wax ribbons 

Particularly suitable for paper labels in a normal/dry environmentThey are reliable and economical. 

Wax/resin ribbons 

Often used for luxury paper labels and when labels must be able to withstand a lot of rough handling. They are abrasion resistant and waterproof, making them suitable for outdoor use. 

Resin tapes 

Used for plastic labels (polyester, polypropylenevinyl). They resist to extreme conditions and have a maximum lifespan. 
There are also carbon ribbons for textile printing, resistant to scratching and washingchemicalsoils and aggressive environments. 

Only available from Etilux 

Our EtiRib SolFree range also offers wax tapes manufactured without the use of solvans. For an unchanged print quality and resistance over time, EtiRib SolFree ribbons meet the expectations of companies concerned about sustainable development as they are more environmentally friendly and improve the carbon footprint. 

In summary 

By choosing the right thermal transfer ribbonyou get better print quality and increase the life of the print head. In addition, ribbons are available in different widths and lengthsdepending on the printer used, as well as in different colors. 

Consult our website to choose your thermal ribbons according to the type of printer or ribbon type. If in doubt, do not hesitate to contact our specialiststhey will be happy to guide you. 

Whatever your sector of activity and your production environmentEtilux has the solution you need! 

Do you need advice on choosing your product? Call our specialists at +32 (0)4 224 99 99, from Monday to Friday from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm.

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