How to make your personalized cards ? 

Membership cardsstudent cardslibrary cards... discover our solutions! 

#1. Pre-cut  stock card - Do It  Yourself! 

Our first solution concerns our offer of simple  cardboard cards to be made with your printer (inkjet, copier, laser). It  is a 170gr A4 cardboard sheet microperforated  into cards 
In addition to thisthere are many accessories  such as card holdersplasticized pockets, clips...   

#2. Sending  your membership  cards   

Send your official cards by mail with a text  and an explanation of any  kindYour card is integrated in the A4 document. This type of document can  be made with your  printer. This model exists in 3 versions: Simple  blank cardUnforgeable  card and Double card.  

#3. PVC card printing - The complete solution 

Your information is digital! Make your own  color or full color  plastic cards with  our Evolis printers. The ideal  solution for printing badges in small quantities Personalize your  blank cards in a few seconds. The printer provides high quality printing  thanks to a 300 dpi resolution. It prints texts, logos, barcodes and photos according to  your needs. 
There is a wide  choice of blank  cards to printdepending on the application you  want to use them for.  
  1. White PVC cards:  available in different thicknesses but all in CR80 format (classic  bank card format, i.e. 86x54 mm).  Manufactured in laminated PVC ( several layers assembled), their surface  is smooth and shiny in order to  obtain a clean and neat finish for  your membership cards. Ideal for printing photos and graphic elements in full color . 
  1. Colored PVC cards allow you to obtain a professional  look without having to go through a four-color  printing process. Perfect for membership  and loyalty cards, gift cards, identification cards , etc. You should not use color  cards if you plan to include photos in the design of your card, as  color will affect the  way the images are printed. If  you wish to  color code your ID photos,  we recommend  that you use standard white  cards and change the background color if necessarySome card printers  cannot print on  color cards Please check the compatibility of your card printer before purchasing. If you are not sure, please contact us.  

#4. Our  personalized service 

Simplify the identification system for your  studentsmembers of your club or association. Etilux  answers your requests for personalized  products. 

Do you need advice on choosing your product? Call our specialists at +32 (0)4 224 99 99, from Monday to Friday from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm.