Respiratory protection

Many work environments have atmospheres loaded with harmful particles, such as micro-dust, organic vapors, solvent fumes, chemicals, or even simply too high a temperature. Some substances are invisible and odorless and will cause damage to the health of your employees without their knowledge.    
Environments such as the chemical industry, the medical field, dry cleaning companies or production plants of all kinds are particularly affected by this type of risk. In other cases, without your environment presenting any risks as such, the cleaning products you use can be destructive to the mucous membranes and respiratory tracts of their users.   
It is crucial to be well informed about the products and equipment you use in order to prevent the dangers to which your employees are exposed, and then provide them with the appropriate protection. That's why our  adhesives and packaging department offers a wide range of personal protective equipment such as protective masks and other respiratory protection.    
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3M 6300 Reusable Half Mask - Grey - Large size - per piece
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