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Industrial Tapes & Adhesives

Industrial Tapes & Adhesives

Etilux is a major 3M & TESA distributor that also supplies many other brands. We provide a wide range of industrial and electrical adhesive tapes for industrial production plants (VHB, automotive, foam, acrylic,…), aircraft, aerospace and automotive industry as well as abrasives, glues, labels, industrial cleaners.

Since the beginning, our goal has always been to find the right product that fits your needs and applications with the ability to deliver it worldwide.

We also offer bonding solutions with a wide range of glues, applicators and accessories.


Etilux provides security equipments that meet end users requirements such as: eye, earing and respiratory protection, helmets, coveralls, anti-slip matting, signage and marking, ...

Packaging & Shipping

We also provide packaging and shipping solutions : stretch films, bumpons, wrapping machines, dispensers, indicators, etc.

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Should you have any requirements or questions, looking for some bonding, security or packaging & shipping solutions? You are at the right place, do not hesitate to contact us! This is just a brief overview of what we can do for you with the help of our partners: 3M, TESA, SCAPA, ADVANCE, HENKEL-LOCTITE, LOHMANN, SHOCKWATCH, TILTWATCH, WARMMARK, COLDMARK, SUPERDOTS, ...

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New : Discover Elastocoin, the most flexible corrugated cardboard corner protection, which received the prestigious packaging award: “Oscar de l’Emballage 2014“ in Paris.