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Safety, quite a job
Respiratory protection | Hearing protection | Eye protection | Protective coveralls | Anti-slip products

Respiratory protection

It is very important to identify the type of dangers related to your job when you choose your respiratory protection material !

Do you breathe one of the following substances daily :

Fumes ?

Created when solid materials vaporise under high heat and then condense. For example metal vapour cools and condenses into extremely small particles, with a particle size generally less than 1 micron in diameter. Metal fumes can come from operations such as welding, smelting and pouring of molten metal.

Gases ?

Substances that are similar to air in their ability to diffuse or spread freely throughout a container or area. Examples include oxygen, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, nitrogen and helium.

Dusts ?

Created when solid materials are broken down into fine particles that float in the air before settling under gravity. Dusts are produced by operations such as grinding, drilling, blasting, sanding and milling.

Vapours ?

The gaseous state of substances that are either liquid or solid at room temperature.

Masks and particle filters

There are three classes of particle filters : P1, P2, P3:

  • P1: inert particles ( up to 5 times exposure limit)
  • P2 : harmful agents (up to 10 times exposure limit)
  • P3 : toxic agents ( up to 50 times exposure limit with a half mask / up to 100 times exposure limit with a full mask)
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Masks and gas filters

Gas filters usually contain activated carbon which will absorb gas molecules. Activated carbon is often soaked with materials chemically bound to gas. It is very important to choose the filter which will provide you with the best protection against the gas you encounter.

Those filters are classified by a letter and a colour code according to the type of specified gas they remove:

  • A (Brown) : Organic vapours
  • B (Grey): Inorganic gases (acid gases and vapours such as : halogens, hydrohalide acids, hydrogen sulfide, phosgenes,…)...
  • E (Yellow): Sulphur dioxide, hydrochloric acid
  • K (Green): Ammonia, amine, hydrazine
  • CO (Grey with black stripes): Carbon monoxide
  • AX: Organic products with boiling point <65C°
  • SX (Violet): Specific compounds (Hg, NO...)(<65C°)

They are also further classified in three categories according to the filter capacity:

  • Class 1: up to 1000 ppm
  • Class 2: up to 5000 ppm
  • Class 3:up to 10000 ppm
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Combined filters remove specified particles and gas. Their names provide following data :

  • Gas filters type: A, B, E, K
  • Gas filters class: 1, 2, 3
  • Particle filters class: P1, P2, P3

So a B2P3 filter is a gas filter of type B, belongs to the class 2 and removes particles of the class P3.

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Hearing protection

There are several types of hearing protectors dapted to the level of noise you are exposed to in your working environment. The unit of sound / noise measurement is called decibel (dB). The SNR (Sound Noise Reduction) provides an estimate of the overall level of protection a device can offer in the range of 63Hz to 8000Hz.
Each sound has a frequency. A high-pitched sound has a high frequency and a low-pitched sound has a low frequency. The sound / noise measurement (dB) varies according to frequency.

Examples of decibels :

  • Silent library : 20-30dB
  • Truck : 90-100 dB

Disposable or reusable ear plugs

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Ear muffs

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Eye protection

Protect your eyes? Yes but with high quality products. Anti-fog coating, UV protection and anti-scratch coating are very important features that should be taken into account to choose the protection.

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Protective coveralls

Several standards have to be applied. Our coveralls comply with those standards, according to the field of activity :

  • EN 533 : protective clothing against heat and flame
  • EN 1073-2 : : protective clothing against radioactive contamination
  • EN 14126 : : protective clothing against infectious agents

3M 4530 : powder coating, metal processing, maintenance and repair. The 3M protective coverall 4530 meets the requirements of the standard EN 533.

3M 4540 : Powder coating and paint spray, metal processing, maintenance and repair, pharmaceutical manufacture. The fabric has anti-static properties .Its breathable back panel improves air circulation and reduces heat stress. The 3M protective coverall 4540 meets the requirement of the standard EN 1073-2.

3M 4560 : Abestos handling / stripping, powder coating and paint spray, pesticide / insecticide spraying, pharmaceutical manufacture. The 3M protective coverall 4560 meets the requirements of the standard EN 14126.

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Anti-slip products

3M anti-slip material "Safety Walk"  provides a good grip to increase the security of footing. It offers a better protection for surface flooring, ladders and steps as well as for showers, bathtubs. Safety Walk is self adhesive and easy to apply.

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