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3M VHB: high performance double coated acrylic foams!

3M VHB Acrylic foam tapes

3M VHB replaces screws, rivets and welding

After 30 years of experience, VHB tapes proved themselves! These double coated adhesive foams offer an alternative to systems of mechanic fixation and traditional adhesives. They guarantee quality, solidity, aesthetic as well as a good resistance to environmental conditions and corrosion.
The 3M VHB adhesive tapes are very suitable for bonding materials such as metal, plastic, glass and a lot of other substrates.

VHB tapes composition and application :

3M VHB adhesive foams are viscoelastic products made of a highly resistant acrylic foam central layer (100% acrylic constitution). They adapt themselves to the strength applied on the bond, and then recover their initial shape.
VHB adhesive foams are resistant to tension, shear, cleavage and peel.

3M adhesive foams should be applied on a clean and dry surface. And then you only need to apply a hand pressure with a roll.

Advantages :

The use of 3M VHB double coated acrylic foams offers many advantages
Here is a list of their main advantages:

  • Fast, resistant and durable bonds
  • Enhanced aesthetic, no re-working needed
  • UV and chemical resistant
  • Vibration dampening and noise reduction
  • No investment needed and lower labour costs
  • Can be die-cut to the customer’s requirements
  • No welding, rivets and screws
  • Excellent sealing properties


Commercial Vehicles
Exterior panels are bonded directly onto the support frame without drilling, screws or welding. No screws means a flat, smooth finish ideal for perfect application of graphic material. .

VHB tape can be precisely die-cut to bond and seal exact shapes, to absorb shock when circuits are fitted to their housing, to guarantee that underwater cameras and lenses are waterproof.

Signs have a greater graphic impact when they are bonded with a 3M VHB acrylic tape. Materials are undistorted by drilling, screwing or welding

For internal and external use. 3M VHB tape bonds architectural panels seamlessly to their frames and decorative features to the exteriors of windows.

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