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RFID Traceability Solution

Completely integrated to the SYSTEMS department, Etilux RFID fulfill Etilux offer regarding traceability solution. In fact, being a Radio-frequency identification and data collection (RFID) specialist, Etilux uses its resources and its means for a global contribution from the study phase until to installation. Today, traceability solutions are crucial for the company’s workflow.


  • Flows follow up (materials, operators and process) for a precise vision of the company.
  • Stocks follow up (imports, exports, inventories)
  • Process follow up (how many manufacturated parts, …)
  • Traceability control
  • Attendance control


  • Storage control
  • Location control
  • First in, First out control (FIFO)


  • Supermarket checkouts
  • Customer follow up

Moreover, our different case studies are online!

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