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Audiovisual solutions

An interactive system at the University of Liège

The medical students of the University of Liège can follow each step of a dissection on high definition video displays. The surgeon works in another room and all the operation is filmed by camcorders equipped with the latest digital technology. Contact us

Project management

Our team manages the design and the implementation of a complete audiovisual solution that meets your expectations. Before starting the project, we deeply analyse your needs with your architects and specialists. Our professional solutions integrate all multimedia and automation audiovisual technologies.

We always try to develop user-friendly and intuitive projects.

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Installation service

We take care of all your installation: from the preparations to the commissioning of the equipment.

The project is finished for us when you are totally satisfied with the result. We work with your electrician and your different partners to optimize the installation.

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After-sales service

One of our strengths is our after-sales service for your installations and equipment. You benefit from the manufacturer’s warranty on the products and from our warranty on the installation. Our “OMNIUM” maintenance contracts offer you extra warranty for 36 or 60 months.

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Maintenance of old installations

Etilux distributes several big brands, selected by our specialists.

Our technical team helps you to choose the best products to integrate them in your installation. It configures and reprogrammes your installation to improve the possibilities.

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Official dealer

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