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Etilux on Social Media

By etilux, Monday 12 November 2012 15:50 :: Social media

When the social media are becoming the new main communication method for young & less young people, Etilux wants to be in tune with its time... 
Indeed we have decided to seize the chance: the opportunity to be seen & heard by today & tomorrow’s actors and above all to let them express themselves. Your opinion interests us, we’re all ears. 
OK, Etilux is on social media but which ones and why? 
This idea has gained ground with the development of our website (which was an innovation when it was launched in 1997). With the development of more performing tools designed to improve the order management integration, we have been more & more active in the e-business sector by improving our online sale service. So, with the advent of Web 2.0 (and the announced creation of the semantic web), the question of the use of the social media was completely natural.
Without revealing our strategic reflection (because our presence on social media takes time and has to be prepared, managed & analysed!) the main goal of our publications is to make our expertise known by everyone. 
Indeed we intend to publish our references & achievements, informative or promotional article, give information about the events, that Etilux participates in, we won’t tell you everything but, in short, every content that could interest our customers, prospective customers or partners. We have the solution you need and we will let you know it, with supporting evidence.  
You want to take advantage of this new information canal to be informed of the last Etilux news?
Don’t hesitate to join our community! 

Article written by Etilux
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