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EtiPage includes all our label varieties in sheets. We make it a point of honour to keep our wide choice of formats, materials, printing and adhesives. For your orders of custom-made sheet labels, please contact us via our contact form. 

EtiPage covers the following former brands:

  • Etilaser
  •  Etilascop
  •  Jetlascop
  •  Etiprime
  •  Etimagnet

Discover our list of EtiPage board labels


EtiRoll is the new brand of Etilux for all our labels on rolls. The choices in terms of use, format, material and adhesive remain the same. Of course, it is always possible to order a tailor-made solution. To do so, please contact us via our contact form. 

EtiRoll includes the following brands:    

  • Etitft
  • Etitft rf
  • Etityre
  • Etimagnet
  • Etithermal
  • Etilist
  • Etitag
  • Etiflor
  • Etimatic
  • Etijet
  • Ecopack

Discover our list of EtiRoll brand labels on rolls


This is the brand name for all our identification solutions. A wide range of badges, cards, card holders, event wristbands, etc. For more information or to place an order, please contact us via our contact form. 

The following former brands are concerned: 

  • Etibadge
  • Etiname
  • Eticard
  • Etiband

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This brand includes all our products for mailing. This includes all our envelope types and complete packaging solutions for mailing. For more information or custom orders, please contact us via our contact form. 

EtiSend includes the following brands: 

  • Eticolis
  • Etistretch
  • Ecolis
  • Etidispenser
  • Polygrip
  • Etimatic
  • Etibag
  • Etifood
  • Elastocorner

Discover our list of envelopes and packaging products of the EtiSend brand


EtiTape, our brand name for our single and double adhesive rolls, carries on the name of our former brand, as well as its choice and unbeatable value. An excellent alternative to the big brands at reduced prices.  For any purchasing advice or custom orders, contact us via our contact form.  
Discover our list of EtiTape brand adhesive tapes


EtiBibb is now our brand for our ink ribbons. We keep our full range of choices. For more information or to place a custom order, contact us via our  contact form.
EtiRibb includes the following brands:  

  • Etiribb 
  • Etiribb+

Check out our list of EtiRibb ink ribbons


EtiSoft is our new brand for all our software.  At the moment, only our label layout software is available. Other softwares are under development and will be added to the brand.   For more information or orders, please contact us via our  contact form. 
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